FW 16/17 Mutiny



Press Release

The starting point for the collection’s creation was fashion of the 60s. Freedom, minimalism, trapezoid-shaped silhouettes, eclecticism, and expressivity based on contradictions, that prevailed in fashion in the 60s, inspired designer Nadia Yurkiv to create fall/winter 2016/2017 collection.

Dadaism — an avant-garde literature and art movement of the 20s — became the collection’s concept. It represents a protest against traditional values, a search for new opportunities. It stands out by the usage of abstract, illogical and anti-art methods, among them collage and its variations became the prevalent ones. These ideas and methods were used as a basis for the collection’s graphical solutions and prints. The prints were created in a collaboration with an illustrator Mariya Foya.

Both inspiration concepts are disobedient, rebellious, searching for new truth. That’s what reflected in a collection title “Mutiny”.

Collection color palette is quite narrow: black, milky, beige, accented with sea-green and ochre.

Outwear of a free form silhouette dominates in the collection: quilted and lightweight coats, jackets of minimalistic cut, complemented with wide belts and pockets of a designer’s construction. The collection also includes dresses, skirts, pants and shirts. It’s filled with minimalism, constructiveness in details, sense of form and silhouette.

Massive hats of a broken form and handiwork knitted beanies accompany the looks.