SS 16 Freedom



Press Release

“Freedom” is a collection which depicts antagonism of the inner versus the outer, confrontation of values. The inspiration is She, a brave Ukrainian woman with a striking inner strength and an unspeakably great feminine charm. She is a struggling valiant and a gentle woman at the same time. She is free, wise, deliberate in her deeds and she knows what she wants in her life. A heroic woman, an admiration.

The idea is to reflect the character of these values through reconsideration and interpretation of materials, forms, and shapes. The color spectrum is achromatic with inclusion of blue tones. Silhouettes are loose, although with legible accentuation of character’s femininity.

The collection consists of trousers, jackets, skirts, shirts, dresses, and polo-necks. Characters augmented with leather waistbands, flowers and garlands. Materials which were used to create the collection include wool, cotton, batiste, and linen.